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Can You Guess Laura’s Top 3 Songs?

Laura Rowley is doing pretty good for herself for someone who dropped out of high school at the age of 16 after being scouted at a coffee shop while with her mom downtown Toronto. Hailing from Toronto, Canada. Laura Rowley is a super model.  Having worked with many brands over the years, Laura is currently the cover girl for the Shoppers Drug Mart Summer campaign! See what she has to say in our Exclusive Interview below.


Yaaa Eh: We got the amazing and gorgeous Laura Rowley with us at the moment. What’s up Laura?

Laura: Not much!

Yaaa Eh: Where do you hail from?

Laura: Born and raised in Toronto.

Yaaa Eh: If you could let the people know how you got into modeling and how long you’ve been modeling for?

Laura: I was scouted when I was 16 years old at a coffee shop downtown when I was with my mom.

Yaaa Eh: Are there any specific ads or videos that you have been in that people may recognize you from?

Laura: I’ve been fortunate enough to work with a ton of brands that I love. I wouldn’t say there’s one specific ad or video.


Yaaa Eh: I was heading East on the Gardiner and noticed your face on the huge Shoppers Drug Mart Billboard.  How did the Shoppers Gig come about?

Laura: Haha. I got a call from my incredible agent Laura Virdo at Sutherland models. She booked me for that campaign.

Yaaa Eh: Before modeling, what was Laura doing? Or still doing?

Laura: I was only in high school when I started modelling. I was struggling managing both school and work so I dropped out and started travelling for contracts overseas. Eventually finished through correspondents. It’s definitely been a privilege to experience so many different cultures though. It’s been an amazing opportunity, I feel really blessed.

Yaaa Eh: On a music aspect, what are Laura’s top 3 song’s by any Canadian Artists?

Laura: Theres so many Canadian artist’s I’ve been listening to but Drake is my fave.  As well as my boys from Down with Webster.  Other than them… The top 3 songs I’ve been bumping lately would have to be:

1) https://soundcloud.com/safe-44/feel-prod-habib-defoundoux (Safe – Feel)

2) https://soundcloud.com/878dreamteam/still-mo-g-smokedawg (Mo-g & Smokedawg – Still)

3) https://soundcloud.com/torylanez/01-grandmas-crib-prod-tory-1?in=torylanez/sets/lost-cause  (Tory Lanez – Grandma’s Crib)


Yaaa Eh: As a consumer, we always get the ending result of a dope photo or what not. Is there any hardships that goes into modelling while preparing for a big shoot?

Laura:  There’s not too much time to prepare for anything since I tend to find out my schedule or bookings the day before. I just have to be ready for whatever comes my way!

Yaaa Eh: What else can we expect from Laura this upcoming Summer?

Laura: I don’t know yet haha stay tuned….

Yaaa Eh: Where can the people follow you and be more up to date with everything you got going on?

Laura: You can follow me on Instagram @laurarowley  :)

Yaaa Eh: Thank you so much for your time Laura!

Laura: My pleasure! Xx

10946203_704374939679529_360805107_o Laura Rowley