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Vanessa O Talks About Working With Snoop Dogg & More

Vanessa Obonna is a model and business owner out of Toronto. If shes not seen being a vixen in hip hop superstars music videos, she can be seen with her family working extremely hard towards their new cosmetics line called Sediore Cosmetics. Sediore Cosmetics makes woman feel ultra glam. Read the interview below to get to know more about Vanessa Obonna and her Sediore Cosmetics line!

Yaaa Eh: We got the beautiful model/business owner Vanessa Obonna with us right now. How are you?

Vanessa: I’m great, just been shooting, travelling and working on business.


Yaaa Eh: Where do you hail from?

Vanessa: I’m from Toronto, Canada

Yaaa Eh: What is your background?

Vanessa: I’m Nigerian.

Yaaa Eh: First, lets talk a little about your modeling career. When did you start modeling?

Vanessa: I started modeling at a young age. It’s something I grew up doing and really enjoy it.

Yaaa Eh: Is there any special ads or videos that you been in that the people might recognize?

Vanessa: I shoot ads for my Sediore brand and I’ve done a lot of music videos but one people might recognize me in is a classic, “Hot Girl” by Belly and Snoop Dogg.

Yaaa Eh: You founded a business with your family called Sediore Cosmetics. What prompted you and your family to start Sediore?

Vanessa: My family and I have always loved fashion and beauty and by creating Sediore Cosmetics we felt that every woman can use our products to feel ultra glam.


Yaaa Eh: The name Sediore definitely grabs my attention. If you can tell the people the meaning behind the name?

Vanessa: Sediore is a name we came up with that derives from the words Seduction, Adore, and also exotic, something our products make women feel from time to time.

Yaaa Eh: What else can we expect from Vanessa O and Sediore cosmetics?

Vanessa: A lot of new upcoming projects and new products from Sediore coming to a location near you!

Yaaa Eh: Where can we go to keep up with Vanessa and the Obonnas?

Vanessa: You can shop with us online at www.Sediore.com and follow my social media accounts @MissVanessaO

Yaaa Eh: Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to rock out with Yaaa Eh!

Vanessa: No problem at all! Thanks a bunch Yaaa Eh!