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Amy Anonymous Speaks On Cannabis And Its Many Uses

Amy Anonymous was born in Toronto. She is a cannabis activist/advocate, baker, mother, and MMAR card holder. Amy educates new, old and potential cannabis consumers about the benefits of cannabis. Amy assists consumers with making choices on medicines most suitable/geared to their symptoms.  

When Amy is not answering emails, attending rallies or doing cannabis education get-togethers for people in need,  she can usually be found in a kitchen baking away! She also makes edible and wearable forms of medicine such as cookies, bars, tinctures, creams and an assortment of other items. Very  passionate about what she does, Amy is a firm believer in cannabis as medicine. 

Yaaa Eh: Here we have Baker, stuff maker, Cannabis Activist/advocate, mother, and MMAR card holder Amy Anonymous! How are you doing?


Amy Anonymous: I’m doing fabulous. Life is good, loving the sunny weather and happy to see cannabis more and more in the mainstream media.

Yaaa Eh: What does Amy do for a living?

Amy Anonymous: I do lots of stuff. I bake/cook medicated items for sick Canadians. I own a cannabis dispensary. (We won best dispensary in Ontario in 2014 from Life Cannabis). I can also be seen on “High Fuckers” on swearnet.com which is owned by the Trailer Park Boys.


Yaaa Eh: How did you get involved with the whole medical cannabis business?

Amy Anonymous: In 2005 I was in a car accident. I broke many bones and was in pretty bad shape. This led to me becoming hooked on the pain killers I was prescribed. I didn’t like the person I was when I took pharmaceuticals. I looked into alternatives, and I came across cannabis. I ended up volunteering, then working for a Toronto dispensary for many years. It got to the point where I was extremely unhappy with the prices. A lot of people that use medical cannabis are on a limited income. I had to change that, so I opened my own dispensary and the rest is history.

Yaaa Eh: When did you take your first puff of medical marijuana?

Amy Anonymous: I started using cannabis recreationally at the age of 12. I did not realize the medicinal benefits of cannabis until about 2006. When I started using cannabis medicinally, I ate a lot of edibles. That’s how I got into baking them for myself, then others.

Yaaa Eh: If you can briefly educate the people on medical cannabis and its uses.

Amy Anonymous: Firstly, there are two different types of cannabis. Sativa and Indica. Sativas give you head based effects. Indicas give you body based effects. Cannabis can be smoked, vaporized, ingested, and applied topically. Cannabis can be used to alleviate a wide range of symptoms/conditions. Everything from relieving joint pain from arthritis, to calming an upset stomach, helps with anxiety. It can even help people that have seizure disorder slow or stop their seizures. Its really a wonder plant.

Yaaa Eh:  High Fuckers is definitely a hit, what prompted you to start the High Fuckers series?

Amy Anonymous:  It was actually Sam (the cave man from Trailer Park Boys) Tarasco’s idea. He asked me if i was interested, and of course I was up for it. I love educating people about and smoking cannabis. It couldn’t be a better match. He pitched the idea to the people at Swearnet and they loved it.


Yaaa Eh: Can we expect Yaaa Eh’s own The Man With The Gold Mic, Mon Like The Canadian Clondike to make an appearance on an episode?

Amy Anonymous: That could be arranged. But do you think he could keep up with Sam and I?

Yaaa Eh: CannDo is doing well, its getting a lot of celebrity spotlight as well. Out of everyone who came to your shop, who would you say has the highest tolerance for cannabis?

Amy Anonymous: That is really a tough one. I’ve smoked with some serious smokers, in and out of my shop. It’s really a toss up between Rich Homie Quan and Dre, or Schoolboy Q and Amack. Outside the shop though, it would have to be without a doubt. The ASAP Mob, damn can they smoke!

Yaaa Eh: What are some of the goods that you create?

Amy Anonymous: I’ve medicated a variety of things over the years. From cookies to Chicken Breast. Anything can be medicated if you know how. Some of the craziest things I have done would have to be, bubble gum, cotton candy, Patron and Hot Sauce. Standard items you’ll see from me are cookies, bars & candy. I also make an all cannabis syrup “Kush Lean”. It is a drink additive/’cough syrup’. Another safe alternative to pharmaceutical syrups.


Yaaa Eh: Cannabis is able to be extracted in so many different ways whether it be Dabs, baked goods, lean etc. What is your favourite way to intake cannabis?

Amy Anonymous: At the end of the day. You will find me smoking a backwoods filled with a delicious Indica.

Yaaa Eh: Would you say cannabis is for everybody?

Amy Anonymous: I wouldn’t go as far to say cannabis is for everyone. Although I do think cannabis is for most.

Yaaa Eh: Where can the people go to get more information about Amy Anonymous and all the great work you do?

Amy Anonymous: Check out my website www.amyanonymous.ca – You can also watch me on High Fuckers on www.swearnet.com

Yaaa Eh: Any last words?

Amy Anonymous: Talk to your family about cannabis! Talk to your neighbours, your co-workers, your teachers. Just talk about cannabis. Educated discussions are how you end the stigma. Cannabis Saves! Tell the world!

Yaaa Eh: Thank you Amy!

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