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Shane Denford Redway was born on Tuesday, April 11th, 1989.  Redway embodied the culture of Toronto’s boroughs in a way no other Toronto rapper ever will; his slang, his swagger and his honesty, down to even his stance, he represented the best of the hip hop culture. Redway was authentically one of our city’s brightest lights never straying from his beliefs and principles. The charismatic wordsmith created intimate portraits and painted vivid pictures with his linguistics speaking directly to the universal human condition.

Redway‘s voice was one of passion tempered by experience. A modern day nomad, Redway‘s craft evolved in the belly of Toronto’s West End, but quickly spread out across the metropolis. Redway moved to NYC for a spell in 2010 to broaden his horizons and expand on the influence that big city living held for his creativity. Redway‘s hunger for different experiences led him to cities all over North America frequenting Los Angles, California and Atlanta, Georgia.

A magnetic live performer, Redway pored his beliefs and mantra onto the stage and out through the speakers. Having shared stages with artists such as Wiz Khalifa and School Boy Q, to legendary dancehall artist Beenie Man, Redway brought not only a unique experience but a lesson in passion. Redway was an old soul manifested in the frame of a young man.

Redway was known for being a passionate artist who was always striving for greatness, pushing boundaries and always believing in his visions and dreams leading to the creation of his brand The BLVD (The Belief Leading Visions & Dreams).  The BLVD is a collective of creative and gifted individuals working together to accomplish one single vision while also flourishing in individualism. Much like a family unit, The BLVD is a network of talented individuals in continual collaboration.

On August 1, 2015, Shane Redway tragically passed away in a motor vehicle accident at age 26, leaving behind his two parents and two siblings.

To keep Redway‘s vision alive, MANIFESTO & The BLVD team were able to put together a beautiful tribute at Yonge and Dundas square.  May we all catch our dreams and may The BLVD live forever.


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